About me and my Philosophy

Hello! I’m Topher. My husband, Oscar, and I live with our two cats and puppy in Sacramento. Just a typical suburban life. After living in both San Francisco and Paris, I am quite happy with the simplicity of living outside of a city, not to mention having a dedicated parking spot. I was born and raised in Colorado then at 18 I decided I was tired of shoveling 2 feet of snow off my car in the morning so I moved out to California. In college, I studied abroad in Paris, France and ended up staying for an additional two years, traveling around and living the life. Daily, I feel blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people and opportunities.

I absolutely love developing friendships with my clients.

My Philosophy

There is a beauty in the rawest moments captured in natural light. A joy in smiles coaxed playfully from a shy, seven-year old after giving him my camera to try it himself. A thrill from documenting a day that only comes once in a lifetime and a love of these moments that make my job unbelievable.

Every shoot is an adventure. In a vineyard, a backyard, or on a dusty train car—my camera glimpses into your story. It’s this story that I get to share through my lens. It’s the story of you, your family, and this moment together —and I am honored to be a part of capturing it.

I don’t believe in ordinary or still. I encourage you to come to a shoot as yourselves. I want to get to know you, to understand your style, and to put that into the frame and truly capture you. We can walk, have a picnic, have one laugh or many —every client brings something new.

I believe laughter and enthusiasm make the best backdrops. Nothing beats coaxing the groom into a broad smile as he awaits his bride or playing a game of peek-a-boo with your kids, just to get things moving and relaxed. Photography is about movement and energy; getting the beauty of the moment and capturing it forever. If it’s different, raw, and most of all fun—let’s try it.

Come capture that moment with me.